The ultimate chili toolkit

With fall in full swing, and the weather to prove it, nothing hits the spot like a big bowl of hot chili. Before things get too blustery to bear, stock up on these can’t-live-without chili essentials. 

Right tool for the job

Chili without the right pot is like a pie without the right crust. When cooking acidic foods like chili, stay away from cast iron. Instead, opt for a stainless steel or enameled slow cooker.

A dash and a pinch

So many spices and so little time. Spices are an easy way to make each batch of chili unique. Try adding new flavors like cocoa, espresso or za’atar to your chili for a new twist on an old staple. 

The right ingredients

Purchasing quality ingredients is essential to any recipe. Hunt's® diced, stewed, and whole varieties are canned within hours of picking from the field and peeled using FlashSteam® (a proprietary, natural peeling method using steam from hot water) — similar to how tomatoes are peeled by home canners.

Cool beans

It may seem like a no-brainer, but without beans your chili will not be the same. Reusing a recipe? Try swapping out one of your beans for garbanzo beans to surprise your family with new flavors.

Add zest

It is hard to find an easy ingredient that can add extra zest to your chili without much work. Always keep a secret weapon like RO*TEL® in your cupboard to instantly spice up any recipe.

Scoop a serving


Looking for the right utensil to serve your delicious chili? Pick up a ladle! It’s just the right size for spooning a perfect helping of chili. 

Top it off

Put the final touches on your chili by providing a variety of toppings, such as cheese, onion, sour cream or whatever you think makes your chili just right. Be prepared with all the fixings so everyone can make their cup their very own!