Best game day appetizers for a full month of college basketball

With the tournament's brackets now revealed, the basketball craze is set to begin. If you're as passionate about food as you are about college basketball, then you're going to want to serve some of the best game day appetizers that pack some mean flavor. Below you'll find recipes that will appeal to every sports fan's palette: From the zesty and savory to the doughy and cheesy. If you can't decide which recipe to try first, don't worry—you have a month full of basketball snacking ahead. 

Cuban Carnitas Nachos


Don’t be surprised if this game day app doesn’t make it past halftime. Cook up this nacho recipe by placing pork shoulder, Hunt’s Whole Plumb Tomatoes, adobo sauce and a few extra ingredients inside your slow cooker.

Fajita Queso Chicken Queso Dip


Watching college basketball wouldn’t be the same without some kind of a dip—it almost completes it. Especially when it’s a queso dip loaded with onion, bell pepper and chicken flavored with fajita seasoning.

Zesty Tomato Hummus


Bring the heat even if your favorite teams don’t with this Zesty Tomato Hummus made with RO*TEL®, your favorite already-prepared hummus and a few spices.

Jamaican Jerk Sweet Potato “Totchos”


Quick and filling, these sweet potato puffs are tossed in jerk seasoning and topped with jerk seasoned chicken, chopped mango and sliced green onion. Serve with lime wedges.

Philly Cheese Steak Stuffed Italian Bread


Any game day recipe with the words Philly Cheese Steak is bound to be a crowd favorite. Gather your guests around this fun, easy-pull appetizer made with onions, peppers, mushrooms, provolone cheese and thinly sliced New York Strip steak—all stuffed inside a loaf of Italian bread.

Queso Stuffed Homemade Pretzel


Hogging the ball is no good. And neither is hogging the pretzels! Make enough of this irresistible recipe so everyone gets a piece of the action. Upgrade your pretzels by stuffing them with a chorizo and zesty tomato queso.

Pull-Apart Pizza Bites


Pull-Apart Pizza Bites are soft and chewy, have just the right amount of weight and fit nicely in your hand, making them the perfect game day appetizer. These pizza bites are made with mozzarella cheese and pepperoni, stuffed inside pizza crust dough and served with seasoned tomato sauce for dipping.

Chorizo Queso Dip


Dunking doesn’t have to be left to just the players. Have at it with this crowd-pleasing queso dip with RO*TEL tomatoes and chorizo.

Hebrew National Bagel Dogs


Need a game day snack, fast? Ready in less than one minute, these 100% beef kosher franks wrapped in soft bagel though pack a punch of flavor in every bite.