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A zesty blend of vine-ripened tomatoes and diced green chilies.

Zesty pickings for everyone

An array of diced tomato and green chili blends


These are the best canned tomatoes to fire up the flavor! Not for the shy or meek, RO*TEL Hot tomatoes are for those who like a little heat with their meat, poultry, fish or veggies.

Flavor Profile

True to its name, RO*TEL's plump red tomatoes and habanero chili peppers are blended with our own zesty spices makes an everyday meal shout "Yee-Ha"!

Serving Suggestions

Use Hot for that extra kick in all your dips and chilis! If a recipe calls for two cans of RO*TEL, make one Hot, then gauge your friend's and family's reactions. You're likely to see they're all smiles.

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